• 23688 Forest Rd, Deerwood, MN 56444
  • Contact Hours: 9AM-9PM

Block North Brew Pub

Nestled in the historic heart of Aitkin, Block North Brew Pub stands as a culinary landmark, offering guests of Cayuna Lakes Stay a delightful experience of the region's gastronomy. Known for its artisanal craft beers and a menu rich with locally-sourced ingredients, this beloved gastropub is a testament to Midwest hospitality. A visit here is essential for those staying at Cayuna Lakes Stay who wish to immerse themselves in the authentic flavors and warm community spirit of Aitkin.
302 Minnesota Ave N, Aitkin, MN 56431

Pet Policy

When booking a stay with pets at Cuyuna Lakes Stay, you must call the hotel to add your pets to your reservation.

Pets must not weigh more than 80 pounds.

You must provide your pets vaccination records if asked for them.

The hotel will charge additional 25% of the room rate for your pet stay.

You will be held financially responsible for pet damage to your room.

Pets may be left unattended in your room, but must be in a crate or pet carrier.

Pets must be on a leash whenever they are out of your room.

If you receive two (2) noise complaints you will be asked to leave. (No refunds)

You must pick up after where ever your pet goes potty. You must have your own potty bags, we do not provide them.

Thank you.